New cable car system

The ropeway system according European technolory (Austria) was started building from May 9th 2012 and finished assembling on February 10th 2013.

Extreme feeling for whom likes to brave danger. Fatigue fee, don’t have to walk or climb up to the mounts. The first The Ropeway System & The Slideway System in Viet Nam. The Ropeway System & The Slideway System bring you the extreme feeling but quite safe, enjoying the scene of natural mountains and wild animals.

Panoramic view of Dau Tieng Lake bottom, Tay Ninh plain, and so many places far from the other neighboring areas on high.

Technical data of the ropeway system:

Horizontal length between both stations 1.083,70 m
High level between both stations 213,78 m
Number of cabins 37 (8 persons/cabin)
Number of towers pillars 7
Drive speed 5 m/s
Trip time  4,53 min
Serving capacity (initial/final) 1,920/2,400 guests/hour