Fatigue fee, don’t have to walk or climb up to the mounts. The Ropeway System bring you the extreme feeling but quite safe.
This is a replacement product, with a view to transport demand response higher and higher of the guest.


  • Price of service (2005-01-19 14:01:19)
    The price of The slideway and ropeway service: For the adult: - 60.000 VND/oneway ticket
  • The Legend of LINH SON HOLY MOTHER (2004-12-24 09:06:13)
    The complex of temples and pagodas on Baden mount is famous for the Holy Mother Linhson’s mystery or the legendy of Baden. It is about the young women, Thien Huong who killed herself by jumping into an abyss in order to keep her faithfulless to her lover, Le Si Triet, who was skillful in both literature and martial art.