• 1998

    On 08/03/1998,  The Tay Ninh Ba Den mountain Ropeway Station was officially put into operation


    Tay Ninh Cable Car Tour Joint-stock Company, formerly known as Ropeway Station was directly under

    Tay Ninh Tourist Company.


    On 08/03/1998, The Tay Ninh Ba Den mountain Ropeway Station was officially put into operation; primarily activities are transport of passengers, goods from the mountain foot to the Tay Ninh Ba Den pagoda and return by the ropeway system

    Number of staff of the station was being 47. After 2 years operation, its revenue rised fastly, reached a quite high economic efficiency

    1998: revenue of ten months was 5.291 billion dong,
    1999: revenue reached 11.62 billion dong.

  • 2001

    On 10/01/2001: Tay Ninh Cable Car Tour Joint-Stock Company was established

    Before the rapid development of the service as well as the expansion of business, enhance the competitiveness; the leaders of Tay Ninh Tourist Company decided to split The Cable Car Tour Department to establish an independent unit. This unit was a joint-stock company in which the State holds a controlling stake.


    10/01/2001, after 3 years from the day of it was activity, Tay Ninh Popular Committee came to a decision to move the Ropeway Station became Tay Ninh Cable Car tour Company with the registered capital was 15.985.000.000 VND, in which the capital of Government was 8.152.600.000 VND, make up 51 %. Establishing joint-stock company is a major landmark in the process of formation and development of The Company.

  • 2002

    26/04/2002, The Slideway System was opened and the transport of passengers by the Slideway System became a important acctivity part of Company after the Ropeway System.